Who We Are

Welch Builders & Brokers turns their clients’ dreams into reality by working hand-in-hand with the building team. By valuing the combined experiences of the client, architect, engineer, interior designer, trades and suppliers, we are able to leverage those experiences to provide the greatest value to our client.

What We Stand For

Our philosophy is based on customer service, integrity and performance. At Welch Builders & Brokers, the customer always comes first. We have a hands-on, solution-oriented approach to building. No two clients are alike just as no two homes are alike. Your home is a unique expression of your personality and we strive to be your partner in the realization of your dream.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to building your home in a timely manner, within a reasonable budget, with the highest quality material and craftsmanship, and with the greenest products available. We are accessible and transparent throughout the building process.

Our Team



Welch Builders & Brokers

4605 Post Oak Place,

Suite 210,

Houston, TX 77027

Phone. 713-960-9925

Fax. 713-979-4904

Email. info@welchbuildersandbrokers.com

4605 Post Oak Place

Suite 210

Houston, TX 77027

Phone. 713-960-9925

Fax. 713-979-4904

 Email  info@welchbuildersandbrokers.com